EXCLUSIVE: Monica Calhoun on What Should Happen in ‘Best Man’ Trilogy
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Part of what makes us love The Best Man films is the chemistry between castmates—how familiar they feel to us. It’s a chemistry that actress Monica Calhoun (Mia Sullivan) says mirrors the real life relationships between her castmates.

“We’ve grown with each other, matured, each of us has been there for each other separately when needed. We all know that it’s not a problem to say, ‘Hey dude, I need you right now. Can you help me out?” she says on the eve of The Best Man Holiday DVD release.

It’s that closeness that made us all fall for the gang of friends over 10 years ago and cry with them when Mia succumbs to cancer in the sequel. So what will happen to Mia’s on-screen-now-widowed-hubby Lance Sullivan (Morris Chestnut) if, as rumors have it, a third Best Man movie is to come about?

“I’d like to see the gang try to find someone for Lance to start dating,” says Calhoun, adding that she wouldn’t want the process to be too easy. “During the process, every person he encounters does not measure up to who Mia was, so for Lance it seems that finding someone else to date will never work out.”

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

The Best Man Holiday is out on DVD tomorrow, February 11. Check out a deleted scene from the box office hit.

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