With their wedding just around the corner, Monica and Shannon Brown are doing everything they can to make their big day special.

The two lovebirds recently held a taste-testing with ABC’s “Eye on L.A.” at The Kitchen for Exploring Foods in Pasadena. As they tried out foods for their menu, they happily gushed about tying the knot (in front of fam this time) and how they met.

“We married six months ago and we did it without the families, so now we’re having a celebration of our union with all of our family from Chicago and Atlanta and we’ve got to find a menu that works for everybody,” Monica said.

The R&B diva, who met her hubby on the set of her music video “All Over Me,” said their marriage was quite the surprise.

“I go to work, and I have been for over 16 years, and in the video we got married, and I didn’t expect that 6 months later we would do so in real life,” she said. “That’s the way it worked out. That’s my first time ever seeing him, there [on the music video shoot].”

Congratulations Monica and Shannon — we know your wedding will be something special!