In a culture obsessed with living in the present, protecting your money for the future may not always be a top priority. But there are financial products available to help manage your assets for generations to come, which may ensure that your children and grandchildren have a bright future.

In collaboration with State Farm®, ESSENCE presents Women, Let’s Win!: a three-part video series designed to promote financial planning and literacy among Black women. State Farm Agent Tracey L. Harris sits down with bestselling author and lifestyle influencer, Ty Alexander; fitness and lifestyle influencer, Angelique Miles; and CEO of Clever Girl Finance®️, Bola Sokunbi, to discuss money matters.

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This portion of their discussion lands squarely on generational wealth: transferring assets to your descendants.

Sokunbi emphasizes the importance of educating the next generation about money management, as well as creating generational wealth. “Money is not everything, but it definitely gives you options,” she said. “It opens doors.”

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