Anything men can do, women can do better or whatever that song says. 

Although this may be true, women are saying they’re not getting paid what they think they deserve for doing the same jobs men are. 

Credello recently released data that examined how women in the workplace feel about pay equity. 

The data shows 1 in 3 women don’t feel like they’re being paid what they’re worth and only 12% have successfully negotiated their salary. 

The women said they’re employers can do a better job at being more transparent about earnings.  Only 6% of women said their employer offers financial health help, which is interesting since 57% reported that even a small pay increase would make them feel more confident in their finances.  In fact, about one in three women said $300 or less a week (about $1200/month) would make them feel confident in their personal finances. 

Also, one in three (33%) women in the workforce don’t think they’re being paid what they’re worth currently. 

Additionally, 33% of women reported they feel that employers who are transparent about salary are better than those who don’t—and they care more. 28% even think companies should be required to list salary ranges by law.  

The study was done by Credello, a free AI-powered app that provides customized help with things like personal loan options and home equity. Credello is an essential tool for women who might not get the financial help they need at work and are unable to pay for a financial planner.