Every morning Tamara Fields wakes up knowing that her contribution and her work truly matter. Get ready to be motivated by her mission to encourage diversity and empower young people.

Tamara has spent 20 years working for the same company, which is pretty rare these days, so you know she has to feel passionate about what she does. Accenture is a global professional services company setting out to improve the way the world works and lives—and her multi-faceted role as Managing Director of Health and Public Service allows her to serve employees and citizens of the great State of Texas. “I work in public service and I love it because I know I am making a positive contribution to society,” says Tamara.

A great example of a company that invests in its people, Accenture has approximately 442,000 employees around the world. “I am constantly impressed by the level of knowledge, dedication and passion I see,” says Tamara. “It challenges me to raise my game, learn more and do better.” Staying up-to-date on topics like artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies while also understanding how to apply them in real-world situations, Tamara adds, “at Accenture, I consistently feel ahead of the curve.”

Additionally, Tamara is responsible for higher education-focused projects. She helps create innovative solutions that impact the next generation of leaders and works alongside nonprofits whose sole purpose is to help others. She’s passionate about introducing young women to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) at the elementary school level when it can have more of an impact on them. And she has seen the benefits first-hand through Accenture’s partnerships with Girls Who Code and Code.org, both of which get girls excited about the possibilities of these topics. “It’s important to help girls and boys understand how technology affects their daily lives by making these topics tangible. Helping them realize that their smartphones are powered by STEM, as are the things they love to interact with, like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Netflix to name a few,” says Tamara. “We have to take away the fears or misconceptions to show young people that there are many areas of focus within technical careers, that the possibilities are literally endless and fun!”

Tamara speaks out on STEM and diversity in corporate America, she is on the board for the Texas Conference for Women and serves on the Historically Black Colleges and Universities board for Paul Quinn College. So, when asked about what advice she would give to young women entering the workforce, she emphasizes the importance of finding a company with a culture that enables you to be your best. “I think first-time job seekers often place a lot of focus on other tangible factors, like compensation and benefits,” says Tamara. “Seek out companies that bring out your inner confidence and where you feel like you can be your authentic self.”

And she knows just how powerful that can be. She truly believes in Accenture’s culture and knows that she has reached the leadership level because her strengths were recognized, valued and appreciated. “I want to work for a company that gives back and puts action behind it,” says Tamara. “I find it empowering and it’s why I’m excited to go to work every day.”

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