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Tanisha's Tips: 5 Reasons Why You Might Not Get Hired

Before you head out on your next interview, review these quick tips to ensure you do a phenomenal job.
When headhunters, recruiters, human resources specialists and even former bosses are constantly calling you in for interviews, that means that (a) you’ve got a great reputation; and (b) you look great on paper.
But when you’re not able to close the multiple rounds of interviews with a solid job offer, that means there are some kinks in that shiny armor. Let’s see… how could you be missing out? Let me count the ways:
1. Your public speaking skills are… um… well… like… jeez… subpar. I’ll chalk this up to nervousness, since I don’t know you. Practice the conversation with an objective friend until your speech is flawless. Internalize, don’t memorize, your speaking points.
2. You talk a good game, but haven’t really done the work. Faking it until you make it doesn’t really work when it comes to sales, revenue, growth figures, cost savings and etc.
3. You look like you’re dressed for da club, da beach, da BBQ, anything but the office, and it’s a distraction to say the least. When in doubt, buy a suit. A good one. Even if you have to borrow the money to get it because you’re broke. Keep it clean and pressed and only wear it to interviews. Add a nice shoe, tote or briefcase, minimal jewelry, and a good, clean haircut or hairstyle. Appearances go a long way.
4. You are under – or overqualified. If it’s the former, ask what else you need to do to sharpen your skill set. If it’s the latter, keep reiterating why you’re a great fit and how much of an asset you will be to the company.
5. You are not selling yourself properly. If you are not passionate, clear, sharp, and convicted in what you bring to the table, then no one else will be either. And I don’t mean beg for job; I mean sell your skills, your knowledge base, your personality and all of the other bells and whistles you bring to the table.
If you choose to accept this mission (yes, I just saw MI:3 and it was great), don’t take any of these things personally, but use them strategically to help you seal that deal!
P.S. If all else fails, follow up with the interviewers. Ask: “What are three things I could have done to get this job?” Good luck!