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New Study Says That Women Are Hopeful About Their Professional Futures

In a survey of over 1,200 participants, women expressed a positive career outlook and increased support from their male counterparts.
New Study Says That Women Are Hopeful About Their Professional Futures
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Although the ‘shecession’ has taken a toll on women’s employment rates since the start of the pandemic, a new study says they are hopeful about what’s to come. 

SheSpeaks, one of the largest online communities of female consumers and influencers, has released the results of its newest female-focused career-centered survey. They collected data from August 15 to September 30 from 1,380 participants providing insights into future prospects, career advancement, and women’s empowerment. 

Some of their key findings highlighted that most women (35%) chose the job market as the most prominent issue for today’s society, according to the survey results, most women agree (76%) there are better prospects for career advancement now than in the past decade. Along with the positive outlook on career advancement, 66% of women reported feeling content in their current roles.  

“Clearly women feel that we have made huge strides in career opportunities for women over the last decade,” said Aliza Freud, CEO and Founder of SheSpeaks in a news release. “However, this does not come without its downside. Our survey also indicates that more women than not (47% vs. 44%) believe that it is harder to achieve work-life balance now than it was 10 years ago.”

The survey also outlined that the current trajectory of women’s prospects will lead to an even more desirable future in work and life. Participants of the survey displayed a high level of optimism, with 78% of women agreeing with this outlook. Additional data also suggests an increased sense of importance, with 82% of women feeling their actions can improve the world. 

The full survey can be accessed here