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Stephen Curry In Talks To Secure A $1B Lifetime Contract With Under Armour

The Golden State Warriors NBA star is reportedly extending his contract with the apparel company through 2024.

Steph Curry stays winning.

According to multiple outlets, the NBA star is poised to earn at least $1B thanks to a newly signed contract extension with apparel brand Under Armour.

Under Armour Inc. CEO Kevin Plank brought Curry out during their Investor Day on Wednesday, and announced his endorsement deal was with the company through 2024.

Curry originally came on with Under Armour in 2013, and his extension includes an equity stake.

“Through the community work I’ve done with Under Armour for over a decade, I’ve learned that talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not,” Curry said in a press statement, at the time. “All of our work together has been dedicated to creating a more equal playing field that closes the gap between those two areas. Through Curry Brand, along with the work of Ayesha and my foundation Eat.Learn.Play., I now have a long term plan to continue to address the barriers to sport that often hinder and limit a child’s potential for greatness.”

This is a far cry from where he and the company were in 2018, when he reportedly almost broke the deal due to core differences.

AfroTech reported that tensions were high between the two entities after sales expectations of his shoe were unmet.

“There wasn’t quite an understanding of what it took to run a business like that properly,” Curry told the outlet. “So, yeah, I got mad.”

Ultimately, he also told the outlet that he’d learned core lessons about NIL deals as an athlete and planned to share his insights with other up-and-coming players.

“I went through that same kind of vibe early in my career where there are so many opportunities to just do deals that look good in the here and now, but you’re leaving a lot on the table for down the road, and you’re not maximizing the leverage that you have,” he told us exclusively. 

Under the new deal, Curry has launched two of his own athletic shoe designs with the brand. The latest is the Curry Two which hits shelves in the U.S. on Oct. 24.