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Social Media And Your Career Change

Some tips to help make the move easier. 
Social Media And Your Career Change
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Looking for a new gig? Social media Web sites like Linkedln, Google+, Facebook and Twitter may hold the key. After all, 94 percent of recruiters use or plan to use social media to help fill positions, according to recruiting technology company Jobvite. But determining what to post and when to tweet can be quite the task.

“Trying to find a job is the wrong method with social media,” says Tara Lanee Williams, online marketing and social media strategist. Instead, find the people who can lead you to opportunities and nurture those connections. Not sure how to do that? Williams shares some creative dos and don’ts as you plot your course.

Do identify key professionals. Research companies, industries and the names of decision makers. Like, retweet and comment on or share their posts. Join their groups to get their attention, and set automated alerts to obtain industry information.

Do make bold connections. Be aggressive in seeking out key influencers in your industry. Send direct messages with your résumé. Connect with family, friends, former coworkers, classmates and employers to gain entrée into their circles and references for future employment.

Do share valuable content. Finish your profile. Utilize social media as a way to showcase your expertise in your field. Engage daily.

Don’t set tight privacy restrictions. Potential employers should be able to reach you.

Don’t complain. Unflattering online rants about jobs, colleagues and others reflect negatively on you.

Don’t post uncomplimentary information. Upload a great photo. Watch your language, content and tone, and delete embarrassing entries.

This article was originally published in the October issue of ESSENCE magazine, on newsstands now.