After a whirlwind romance, Atlanta educator Koereyelle DuBose realized her fiancé was not the man for her and that she wasn’t equipped with the skills for a successful marriage. She ended the engagement in 2010 and began hosting potlucks with her girlfriends to swap tips on relationships. She officially launched The Single Wives Club and serves as president. Now with members around the world, DuBose continues to empower women for their best relationship and helps entrepreneurs turn their passion into profit. See her tips for making the most of your single years and bringing your dreams to life.

Name: Koereyelle DuBose
Age: 29
Title: CEO of The Single Wives Club™ & Ready To WERK™
Location: Atlanta, GA
Hometown: Joliet, IL
Twitter: @Koereyelle
Instagram: @Koereyelle

The gig: I am an educator. My purpose is to inspire and motivate others to live a life they love. Through my women’s organization, The Single Wives Club, I provide resources for single ladies to become better women before becoming wives by investing in self-development. As the Creator of ReadyToWERK, I empower entrepreneurs to become their best, build their brand and be their own boss. I am currently on tour to assist entrepreneurs around the country.

The journey: The Single Wives Club was born out of personal need, as a single woman simply wanting to be better and attract better. I had been engaged and when we decided to split I realized I had no idea about being a wife.  I realized there were thousands of women around the world who want more for our lives and this was the message God sent me to share with the world.

Her single wife epiphany: I’ve learned I am 1000% accountable for my own happiness. When we learn to really love ourselves, we love our lives and can begin receiving REAL love from others. What I put out into the world is always what I get in return. No matter what is at stake, nothing is worth it if you aren’t happy.

Becoming her own boss: During my first year as an elementary school teacher, I realized there was more to life than 40-hour work weeks and $28,000 salary. I knew I was creative enough to choose my own path.  I learned early that calculated risks were crucial to success and left my career with no job in sight. I forced myself to sink or swim, truly stepping out on faith.

Her business mantra: Live by the 5 Ps: be patient, persistent, positive, passionate and purposeful. Do not start a business because you think it will be a huge moneymaker. Instead build a brand based on something you believe in. Understand that anything worth having requires WERK. It won’t always be fun, but it will always be worth it.

Her biggest lesson learned: It’s hard to change the world on your own. After a year of running my business solo and being stressed out, I realized how much more successful I could be if I partnered with like-minded people. I’ve formed three profitable business partnerships and recruited an amazing team.
Her career journey: I’ve done it all. Retail, fast food, day care, pharmacy tech, bank teller, telemarketer, bartender, nail tech and an elementary school teacher. The funny thing is every single experience gave me a skill to add to my tool kit.

Her secret superpower: My creativity. Hands down, it makes me who I am. I created the Single Wives concept and built it into an international brand. I began getting so many inquiries for consulting that I had to start offer brand brainstorming sessions just to share my ideas.

Her tech must-have: Of course my absolute favorite app is the Single Wife app that sends positive affirmation popups throughout the day. They always seem to come at the perfect time and are great in helping me remain cool, calm and connected!

Her beauty must-have: My MAC ‘Siss’ lipstick is definitely a must have!

Her boss accessory: I love midi skirts! They’re the perfect mix of sexy and sophisticated.

Her time-saving tip: I put everything on my Google Calendar. It’s my go-to tool to keep my life organized and prioritized.

Her theme song: “So Ambitious” by Jay Z.