“I am the dream and the hope of the slave.” 

Ketanji Brown Jackson made sure to evoke the powerful words from Maya Angelou’s beloved “Still I Rise” poem during an event celebrating her official US Supreme Court Justice confirmation–marking the first time this has ever happened for a Black woman. 
This came on the heels of an intense series of confirmation hearings where she was grilled about her views, professional decisions, and overall competence as a legal steward.

Unfortunately for many Black women in law, those scenes were relatable and triggering. Being a double minority isn’t easy for anyone in any industry. It’s especially challenging for Black women attorneys who are one of few. Right now, women only make up 37% of the nation’s lawyers, and only 14% of the entire sector are people of color.  Despite the disparity, Black women are smashing the glass ceiling all over the place and balancing not only their home lives but the scales of justice as well.

Here are 4 rising Black female attorneys you should know.