Our forever first lady, Michelle Obama is doing more than making history with a memoir that’s slated to be the best-selling memoir of all time. Her incredible influence makes Mrs. Obama someone Black women most identify with mostaccording to a recent survey conducted by Turo.

The Lady Boss campaign by Turo celebrates women everywhere that are shaking up the status quo. This campaign conducted a survey of 1,000 women with more than 10 percent of the respondents identifying as African-American women answered questions centered around empowerment, travel and more.

The study found that more than half of the respondents chose Michelle Obama as the “lady boss” they most identify with most. Oprah followed with 14 percent, and Serena Williams came in at 13 percent. With the first Black woman to call the White House home, a Black woman billionaire and media mogul and the greatest athlete of all time, picking one of these three would be a tough call. All three women would make our Top 5 any day.

The Turo survey also showed that for Black women, financial security ranked above having a high-profile job as a way to feel powerful: 58 percent of Black women surveyed felt empowered through financial independence and starting a family.