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ESSENCE Network: Tiffany Hardin on Building a Company and Building Her Confidence

Not only is Tiffany Hardin her own boss, but she's helping other women channel their inner boss lady as well. See how Tiffany is using her career accomplishments to encourage success in others.  
Not only is Tiffany Hardin her own boss, but she’s helping other women channel their inner boss lady as well. When she’s not meeting her clients’ creative needs as the founder of Gild Creative Group, she’s empowering young women all over the world with her organization She Knows Now. See how Tiffany is using her career accomplishments to encourage success in others.   Name: Tiffany Hardin Age: Late twenties Title and company:  Founder & Cultural Engagement Strategist, Gild Creative Group and Founder, She Knows Now Location: New York City Hometown: Coppell, Texas and Neenah, Wisconsin ( I’m a corporate ladder brat) Connect: Twitter I LinkedIn I Instagram The Gig: I am the founder of strategic consulting firm, Gild Creative Group (GCG). My company services mid-level to large agencies, brands and organizations providing strategic consulting services such as influencer outreach and activation, talent partnerships and sponsorships, social strategy and analytics. I am also the founder of She Knows Now, a digital collection of insight from women who share what they each know for sure to promote positive images of women in the media. The Best Part: Managing my own schedule matters to me. No day is typical, except from the hours of 7am-9am when I focus on wellness.  After that, I can go out to different meetings or work from home. Her Biggest Career Accomplishment: When I left a big agency, I was nervous about finding work like most entrepreneurs but, with the help of a great friend, I successfully pitched and executed an influencer strategy and program for Microsoft. The Best Advice She’s Received: Steve Stoute said something to me that just sticks at this time in my life. “Go out and fill your potential. That’s the goal.” Time Management 101: Prepare for your day the night before—even mentally. This way, you wake up on auto-pilot and just get to work. Confessions of a Black Woman in Business: I hate when there is an assumption that you are only capable of loving, knowing, and working in “urban.” It’s just silly.  I am layered individual. But because advertising budgets are still segregated between ethnicities, these types of assumptions can work in your favor when you’re pitching various opportunities. Her Biggest Life Lesson: I realized that when someone shows you who they are, you have to believe that.  Turning a blind eye to character traits that conflict with your spirit, will, at some point,  cause a relationship to self-destruct. Your network should make you feel good, support you and stimulate your intellect. Her Tech Must-Haves: Apple TV is everything. I love the PBS app on Apple TV.  Does that make me a nerd? Eh, I’ll take it. 🙂 Her Beauty Must-Haves: Cocoa Butter over everything. Her Power Accessory: A big black and white sterling silver diamond ring that celebrity stylist, Misa Hylton gave me.  It’s my “power girl” ring and I’ve had ever since the beginning of my career. My old boss, Mona Scott-Young, referred to her huge rings as a “power girl rings,” so I just had to have one of my own. Her Theme Song: “It’s My Time” by Kelly Price and “Alright” by Kendrick Lamar—It’s so confident and powerful. Both of these songs raise my internal vibration. Her Stress Relievers: Spending time with loved ones nourishes me. I love watching Super Soul Sunday, writing in my journal, and walking.