ESSENCE Network: From High School Dropout To Millionaire Coach, This Woman Knows All About The Power Of Resilience
Alex D. Rogers
Millionaire Coach Stormy Wellington comes from humble beginnings. For many years, she was an orphan surviving from foster home to foster home. She was also a high school dropout, a mother at the tender age of 15 and former stripper. Since then, she’s completely turned her life around and not only built a powerful company, but she has also become a 7-figure earning coach and author. Here’s why Stormy is living proof that it’s not where you start but where you finish that truly matters most! Full Name: Stormy Wellington Age: 37 Title/Company: CEO of Total Life Changes, LLC Location: Miami, Florida Hometown: Born in New York; Raised Florida Social Media: Instagram, Facebook A Typical Morning For Her: I wake up, take my kids to school, go to the gym, do a morning inspiration call, meditate and pray. I’m usually taking phone calls, scheduling meetings, and dibbling and dabbling with my writing, as I’m an author. Also, I’m just constantly working with different people as coach.  Financial Advice For Millennials: One of the biggest mistakes is that people give up too quickly. I think that’s due to lack of faith. When things don’t appear to go in one direction you lose faith and don’t know that behind the scenes God could be pulling things together completely different than how you expected.   Subscribe to our daily newsletter for the latest in hair, beauty, style and celebrity news. Coming From Years Of Being In The Foster System: I believe that I was I was born to inspire and I think God allowed me to experience things so that I can be a testament to what it looks like to keep going. I just want people to be inspired by my ability to fight against all odds.  Advice For Young Mothers After Becoming A Mom At A Young Age: Find a reason to not quit. Whether it’s God, children or whether it’s to be inspiration. You have to find something told hold on to and realize that greatness awaits you.  Addressing The Stigmas Around Men Dating Successful Women: It’s very difficult dating below your level. Men can be very intimidating and insecure. It can be very intimidating to a man when you have a woman doing all the things a man is supposed to be doing. It’s not that you purposely make the man feel less than a man, he just feels less than by being in your presence. Managing Stress and Relax: I love going to the spa, walking in my neighborhood, listening to music, shopping and spending time with my kids.  Her Superpower: I’m a fighter and I tend to not let things bother me too much.  Her Theme Song: I’m Coming Out By Diana Ross

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