Yes, you can pay your bills jumping rope. After traveling the globe winning double dutch competitions, Michelle Evette Clark realized her passion for the sport could fuel a business. See how she is helping others get fit with a good time and her business strategy. 

Name: Michelle Evette Clark

Age: 30

Title: Owner and Founder of Double Dutch Aerobics

Location: Atlanta, GA

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Connect: Twitter I LinkedIn I Instagram

Her Gig: I’ve created a fitness brand that combines double dutch and aerobics. Our classes consist of doing jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and other cardiovascular exercises inside the ropes! We also train instructors. There is nothing like watching adults become children inside of the ropes.

The Journey: Double Dutch Aerobics was always in the back of my mind. I am a world champion in the sport, and have been jumping street style since I was 4. I was a fitness instructor teaching spin, boot camp classes and water aerobics when I did an event with a former teammate where we taught kids how to double dutch. My husband saw how good I was and encouraged me to pursue my passion. A month later, I had my first Double Dutch Aerobics class and haven’t stopped.

Confessions of a Black Woman in Fitness: There aren’t enough Black women in my industry. The benefit to that, though, is that I am able to create that lane for other Black women who are trying to break into this business.

Fitness 101: You sometimes are working with people who are struggling with low self-esteem or transitioning into the person they want to become. It is important a fitness professional be trustworth and a great motivator.

Her Biggest Lesson Learned: A few months ago, a man cursed me out because I didn’t want to do his event for free. Part of me felt guilty, but then I realized I am providing a service and deserve to be compensated for my time and talent. I learned not to engage in conversations with people who don’t respect me as a business owner.

Her Other Hustle: I am a part of all the actors unions including Equity, Sag and Aftra. I have done a number of films and TV shows including Saturday Night Live and national commercials for BET and a Land Rover ad. I hosted a show called Leolove with my boo, which has been watched around the world. 

Her Stress Reliever: I watch Shark Tank, The Profit and Law & Order with my husband.

Her Theme Song: “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston.

Her Tech Must-Haves: My favorite apps are Instagram and Facebook to build my audience. I love BillGuard, too, since it helps me watch my money.

Her Beauty Bag: Basis face wash and mascara.

Her Power Accessory: My wedding ring.

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