Life Coach Brittany is making her mark by helping teens and women with everything from building a brand to improving family matters. Pulling from her experience as a mental health and clinical counselor, Brittany has been able to touch the lives of of people from all walks of life. See how certified empowerment coach Brittany Garth went from being unfulfilled and nearly homeless to helping other women realize their potential.

Full Name: Brittany Garth
Age: 30
Title and company: International Women’s Empowerment Certified Life Coach/ Owner of Dimensioned Wellness, LLC
Location: Virginia, DC, Atlanta
LinkedIn page:
Instagram handle: @DimensionedWellness
The Gig: As a certified empowerment coach, I provided coaching internationally to women who are seeking to reboot for their life goals personally and provide professional business coaching to clients looking to rebrand, identify their target audience or start a new business. The best thing about my position as a life coach is the constant opportunity to work with different types of women daily. No day is the same! Client’s come to Dimensioned Wellness in hopes of finding a new way of thinking to propel them into a new career or way of life, and there is no better feeling then knowing that I played a small part in impacting someone’s success. A lot of my clients live in countries I’ve only dreamed of visiting and to know that I am able to connect with women from across the world about situations or barriers that I may have struggled with in the past myself, is phenomenal!

The Journey: I worked in the field of mental health and clinical counseling for nearly 10 years and I only had one goal in mind professionally and personally. I wanted to get married by 25 and become a program director. Once my engagement ended and I had fulfilled the goal of becoming a program manager, I realized that I was not fulfilled as I had hoped and then the company decided that they would not pay me or my staff for several months. I became “broken”-emotionally, financially and spiritually. After nearly becoming homeless, I decided that I would write out a plan to provide services to women who were in needed of support just like I needed and would become a life coach. As I began to share my journey through social media, I quickly learned that there were thousands of women who had similar struggles and found inspiration in my story. As I began building my clientele and having over 15 different speaking engagements my first year in business, I knew that this was the field for me. I’m grateful for the struggles that brought to the career that i am in now. Without those life lessons, my predestined passion wouldn’t have been revealed.

Challenges as a Black woman in the industry: As a black woman in this industry, I have come across other life coaches who don’t look at other coaches as means to connect with but as competition. As the industry of coaching grows, more and coaches need to be receptive to collaboration and networking. After realizing that there was not a professional association specifically for life coaches that promoted unity instead of competition, I decided to open up my own life coaching school for aspiring coaches and develop the first global life coach network. The DW Life Coach Network is a completely free membership for coaches that provides promotion, resources and networking opportunities. I felt like it was a network that was needed to promote unity and free resources to advance other likeminded coaches. We have grown to over 200 plus members globally since launching in February of 2016.

On learning from mistakes: I learned that I must know my worth and then add tax. I struggled greatly in the beginning of my career with setting a fee for my services that reflected my true worth. I was afraid that If I charged too much, no one would want our services. I learned quickly, that I needed to charge what I was worth not what I thought people would be “comfortable” with paying.

Biggest career accomplishment: I began writing a book when I was 16 years old and stopped as I became an adult. Thirteen years later and hundred more life lessons along the way, I published my first book entitled Dear Pinq. I had no clue when I began writing this book as a teen that it would turn into the success that it is today.

Networking 101: If you are looking to network in this field, I recommend that you attend events that have other likeminded women. Being able to connect with other coaches or people in general through social media is great, but you must network with these same people in person.  I have made many phenomenal connections with women in this field that have turned into business associates and clients.

On managing stress: Every day I devote 30 minutes to meditation and tea. I love yoga (even though I’m not very good) and the feeling of just being in silence before a hectic day begins. In my downtime I like to explore new home decor and cook! I love DIY home projects and testing out new meal ideas to share with my followers on YouTube and social media.

Her secret superpower: Intuition. Energy is so important to pick up on before connecting with people professionally and personally. If the energy is off, so is the deal.

Advice on juggling personal and professional life: My best tip for juggling life is to make a schedule of what you WANT to happen in you day to reflect the time you wake up until you go to bed. By setting a schedule of intention you are more likely to stay on track with your day and goals and make time for personal needs.

Her Tech Fix: I must have my iPad and a good Wi-Fi signal at all times. I make a lot of videos and graphics for my brand and I use the apps, Canva and Replay almost every day.

Her Beauty Bag: My beauty must have is a jet black eye pencil for a killer cat eye and a great exfoliator. I have been using (Stila Stay all day eyeliner) for years and I mix coconut oil, vitamin E drops and brown sugar to exfoliate daily.

Her power accessory: I am must powerful when I have on a pair of heels! The higher the heels the more powerful I feel.

Her Theme Music: Anything Beyoncé or Jill Scott. When I need to jumpstart my day I turn on a classic Beyoncé song “Who run the world” and when I’m ready to mellow out, I turn to Jill Scott to hear “ I’m Not Afraid”.