ESSENCE Network: Meet The Fierce Woman Behind Dozens of Successful Airport Franchises That Have Gone Global

Powerhouse entrepreneur Juanita Britton, who goes by the nickname “Busy Bee,” has had a business mindset since the age of ten. She’s known both nationally and internationally for the success of her public relations firm. In addition to co-owning more than a dozen stores and restaurants at various airports, she also holds the title of ‘Queen Mother’ of a village in Ghana where she gives back in a major way. Here’s her powerful story!

Full Name: Juanita Britton also known as “Busy Bee”

Age: 50s

Title/Company: Entrepreneur/ BZB International

Location: Washington, D.C.

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn

The Gig: As the founder of BZB International Inc. a public relations and marketing firm, I oversee and operate several retail stores and restaurants at Washington Dulles International and Washington Reagan National Airports, plus a 21st location that’ll be opening at Pei Wei. 

Giving Back In Ghana: I’m a philanthropist but it’s better to teach folks how to fish than fish for them or give them fish. So I started two businesses in my village [Konko Village in Ghana] and they’re actually turning a profit. They recently made a report to me that showed that they reinvested in the business we started together. There, you really get to appreciate the very beautiful and simple life that people live in indigenous communities throughout the continent.

Words of Wisdom – Keeping Your Priorities Straight: It’s not about being busy, it’s about your priorities. That’s how I determine what I’m going to do. That even goes for relationships; you know how the brothers say ‘I’m too busy?’ No, all that means is that you’re not important enough.

Advice For Aspiring Business Owners: Don’t say you want to be something, just be it. What have you sowed? And most importantly, you must not think about what the trend is … you’ve got to get ahead of the trend. In any entrepreneurial endeavor, you’ve got to think about what is the future.

Quote That She Lives By: “The more you do, the more you are.”

Her Hobbies: I enjoy walking on the beach, listening to music and traveling. I also love to snorkel and scuba dive.

Her superpower: The ability to make everyone I meet smile.

Her theme song: “Golden” by Jill Scott