You don’t have to be in front of the camera to be successful in the entertainment business. Inga Dyer discovered she could have the best of both worlds thanks to her dad’s career advice. After earning a law degree and networking her way to coveted positions at several Black-owned media companies, Dyer now oversees the Business & Legal Affairs for Revolt TV.  See how she balances her personal life with the demands of launching a new music television network. 

Name: Inga Esperanza Dyer

Age: 43

Title and company: Revolt TV & Media, LLC

Location: Hollywood, CA

Connect: TwitterLinkedInInstagram

The gig: I am the Senior Vice President of Business & Legal Affairs at Revolt TV & Media. I oversee every deal that affects the network including contracts for the people in front of and behind the cameras, ad sales agreements and potential business opportunities. I am grateful to use every part of my brain, spirit and fortitude on a daily basis. I love that Revolt is filled with young creative sprits that keep every day fresh and expose me to the latest of everything. We are building an empire with Sean Combs, Keith Clinkscales and Andre Harrell, some of the best in the business.  

The journey: I have worked in entertainment since I was in college. My career has been built and nurtured by Black-owned companies. I was on air talent for KJLH radio and did legal work for Magic Johnson Enterprises. I also worked for BET helping launch The Game and Being Mary Jane to the audience. I take pride in climbing the “Black corporate ladder” and am a testimony of what a Black college, Black law school and Black business can produce in an executive. I knew the entertainment business was where I belonged when I began to look forward to Mondays instead of Fridays and struggled to leave work. 

Music Television 101: Do as many internships as you can, and leave a good impression. Respect that this is the “business” of entertainment. Whether you want to be a performer or an executive, you have to be clear, focused and professional. 

Confessions of a Black woman in the music biz: The biggest challenge has simply been being a woman, and dealing with the misconceptions of being too emotional or not strong. However being a woman has benefited me in this industry because in every business structure, there has to be a balance of feminine and masculine energy. 

Her biggest lesson learned: I would forget that the mistakes I made were all a part of the fate God had designed for me. Lots of prayer and a “grateful expectation” mentality helped me through those moments. 

Her best time-saving tips: Don’t start something until you can focus 100% on it. This allows you to work faster and smarter. For the moms, leave one of everything in the car.

The smartest advice she’s ever received: Stop asking for permission.

Her secrets to networking: Be fearless while being fierce. You have to be willing to initiate a conversation or join a group of people you want to know, but you have to have something to say that will leave a good impression. Know your audience and your purpose, attend conferences and conventions, and other events when possible. 

Her stress relievers: I am the karaoke queen. My go-to songs are “Car Wash” and “Love Will Keep Us Together.” My great friends and I have been going to karaoke every Thursday night for almost 15 years. 

Her tech must-haves: My two iPhones. I have to know when the CEO is calling, versus when the school. I love Instagram, the Delta Airlines App and Framatic. I also love the Walgreens app because I can send pictures to the photo shop and they will be developed in less than an hour, no matter what city I’m in! 

Her beauty bag: Lashes! You don’t need make up when your lashes are fabulous. I am known for Versace’s Yellow Diamond and I swear by Mineralize Blush for a natural sun-kissed look. I also love Bobbi Brown’s Flame #43 blush and “Kitten” lip-gloss by Stila. 

Her power accessory: A Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress. 

The work-life hustle: Always negotiate for your personal life upfront. When I’m considering making a career move, I unapologetically introduce all of who I am. I am a single mom of two 100 percent and a businesswoman 100 percent. I find my personal escape time during the weeknights, but my weekends are dedicated to my children. If someone calls and asks what I’m doing, I happily respond, “I’m doing mom.”

Her theme song: “Golden” by Jill Scott.


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