Nicole Roberts Jones was living a glamourous life in the entertainment world when she realized she was miserable trying to make others happy. She committed to sharing her unique gifts with the world and now helps other women and entrepneurs find their power as the Inner Catalyst. See her tips to tap into your talents for lasting success.

Name:  Nicole Roberts Jones
Age: 44
Title:  Director of Development, Motivating the Masses
Location:  North Billerica, MA
Hometown:  Inglewood, CA
Twitter:  @NRobertsJones
Facebook page: Nicole Roberts Jones – The Inner Catalyst
LinkedIn page:  NicoleRobertsJones
Instagram: @NRobertsJones

The gig: I am a content development and personal development coach, a speaker and author known as the Inner Catalyst. I love to draw out what’s best in women. Through Motivating the Masses we touch 38 million women and entrepreneurs annually all over the world. I absolutely love holding the space for women to not only live the best version of who they were created to be.  This is what I call my Find Your Fierce Formula.

The journey: We give our power away when we make someone or something outside of us more important than what we have inside.  After working in casting and talent management for entertainment, I woke up one morning in 1993 and realized that I had been sacrificing my personal power by wanting people to like me. What kept me in the dark was not stopping to ask myself, “what do you want” and tapping into my own talents.  When I finally did this, I felt something in my belly come alive. I had my successful coaching company for 18 years. In 2011, I realized I had taken myself as far as I could go and came to Motivating the Masses with CEO Lisa Nichols as a student. Within three months of training I grew my business 98%. My radical determination got me the offer to join the Motivating the Masses team. 

Her top career advice: You must be unapologetic and commit to growing you, even if no one else believes. Each of us has a gift we are responsible for unleashing in this world. You must become a student of your gift. I was clueless when I moved from entertainment to self-development. I read books, went to workshops, got my masters and then I got a coach.  So many of us get stuck on our resume, when our bio was yesterday’s success.  Seek opportunities to grow.
Her biggest lesson learned: My biggest mistake was in trying to be perfect.  There were years when I was too afraid to tell anyone that I did not know what I was doing or that I was in breakdown after a bad breakup.  It’s hard to be seen as a powerful CEO and be in breakdown in your personal life or an area in your business if you are always putting on the air of being perfect.  There are always going to be some things I am absolutely brilliant or genius at and some areas in life and business where I will be clueless or in breakdown. And that’s okay.

Her secret superpower: Jesus! I know that tapping into the God in me is what allows me to continue to power up and continue to grow me into the highest and best version of who He created me to be.

Her stress reliever: I love the beach. Being at the ocean is therapeutic. At least twice a year my husband and I take a vacation on the beach. I also find ways to integrate the ocean into my life and have a waterfall in my office. Just sitting and listening to the water gets my creative juices flowing.
Her tech must-have: I am an Amazon fanatic. I travel so much and have things delivered anywhere I go, from eyelashes and hair products to protein for my morning shakes.

In her beauty bag: Concealer. I find myself obsessed with the dark circles under my eyes so my concealer is my beauty BFF.

Her power style accessory: My satchel.  I love to have a stylish bag that can carry my flats in on the days that I wear my cute heels, as well as documents I may need at a speaking event or a client meeting.

Her work/life habit: Because I travel quite a bit, the one thing I am unapologetic about is dinnertime with my husband whenever we are both in town. If you’re on the phone with me at 5 o’clock and I’m not commenting, then you’re probably on mute because I’m cooking dinner. We both may go back to work for a little after dinner, but at least we had that hour together. At least twice a month, I also go out with my girlfriends.

Her theme song: “Go Get It” by Mary Mary.


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