#WeStanForHer: Barefoot and New Voices Foundation Award Grants To 6 Black-Owned Beauty Businesses
Freedom Apothecary

Black women invented beauty. So it’s only right to celebrate the women working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring us the products we all need and love.

To do so, Barefoot and the New Voices Foundation (NVF) teamed up to create the #WeStanForHer Barefoot Beauty Grant, to award six recipients with $10,000 to acknowledge the ways in which they work to highlight the beauty of Black women. And if that weren’t enough, each business will also receive access to mentorship and business coaching services through New Voices Foundation.

“At Barefoot, we are committed to doing our part as an ally and advocate to ensure Black women are recognized and supported. As we have seen from the numerous applications we received, there are so many inspiring and much-needed Black women-owned beauty businesses worthy of our support. We hope the Barefoot Beauty Grant will help these deserving businesses continue to grow and thrive,” says Shannon Armah, Associate Brand Manager for Barefoot.

Meet the Barefoot Beauty Grant Recipients: 

Alodia – Maryland-based Alodia is a carefully crafted line of quality, scientifically proven hair care products created by Dr. Isfahan Chambers-Harris, a Biomedical Scientist and Hair Trichologist. Alodia’s products are made with natural ingredients that cater to the essential needs of the hair and scalp and encourage and induce the growth of healthier, more beautiful tresses. 

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Freedom Apothecary – Pennsylvania-based Freedom Apothecary is a clean beauty retail and wellness space offering a curated selection of beauty, wellness and lifestyle products, all created by female-founded brands. Founded by Morissa Jenkins and Bonkosi Horn, Freedom Apothecary believes in holistic wellness as a means of radial self-care and is passionate about cultivating a community and creating experiences that make people feel radiant inside and out. 

Goddess Beauty Supply – Goddess Beauty Supply, based in Florida, is a beauty supply store whose mission is to build a highly successful, profitable beauty supply store business that will grow from one store to different locations all around key cities in the United States. 

Mischo Beauty – D.C.-based Mischo Beauty is a pioneer of clean luxury, offering award-winning, richly hued and high-performance nail lacquers. Mischo Beauty is committed to its philosophy to do no harm while innovating across the beauty landscape. Founded in 2013, Kitiya King is the first Black woman to launch a 10-free non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free nail lacquer collection. 

PuffCuff – PuffCuff was conceived in 2013 from a simple idea: create a tool that makes it easy to achieve stylish looks without damaging textured hair or causing pain, yet is sanitary, durable and affordable. Founded by Ceata Lash and headquartered in Georgia, PuffCuff is the one-stop-tool-shop for textured hair offering over 40 highly sought-after styling tools. From silk bonnets to detangling brushes and a “soon-to-come” line of consumable products, PuffCuff provides customers with everything needed to style textured hair. 

Range Beauty –Founded by Alicia Scott, Georgia-based Range Beauty is clean beauty for the forgotten shades and utilizes botanicals in functional makeup specially formulated for eczema and acne-prone skin.