You probably don’t know Tiffini Gatlin by name, and unless you’ve lived in Atlanta, you wouldn’t recognize her. But one thing is for sure: you know her wigs when you see them. Years before Tiffani launched Latched and Hooked, a lifestyle and beauty brand that offers textured synthetic hair extensions and hair care products, Tiffani left her corporate banking job to make major moves in the hair industry.
In 2015, she created the first patent-pending process of pre-curled and looped synthetic hair. And within one year, through strategic Instagram and Facebook engagement, she built the million-dollar e-commerce beauty brand Curlkalon Hair Collection. Put simply: Tiffani is a bonafide hair hustler. Her newest company Latched and Hooked isn’t your garden-variety synthetic hair extension company. It’s unique because it is the architect of chemical-free hair extensions that are designed through sketch and delivered directly to the manufacturer.

“There’s no private labeling here,” says Gatlin. “We are a brand that understands the importance of partnerships and offering supplemental products to help keep our customers styles maintained.” Just head to and you’ll find partnerships with Girl + Hair, a hair care line that protects your scalp and natural hair while wearing protective styles, and Eternally In Amber, an online shop for hair tools and accessories. However, the biggest draw to Tiffani’s site is her wigs.

Wigs are like accessories,” she says. “You can really change up your look in under two minutes. Forget hats. Wigs are the new bad hair day fix. Today’s woman is a mother, daughter, wife, student and employee, all while being an employer. She is always on the go, so we made hair care simple for her. Our wigs cater to the time-conscious woman.”

Tiffini Gatlin

Speaking of time, Tiffani is the master at being smart with that, too. She’s a wife and mother of four—she has zero time to waste. There’s no telling if she’ll launch another hair business, but if she takes her own advice, now is the best time. “There is never a perfect time to start [a business],” she says. “If you are waiting for the perfect moment to quit your job, purchase the right packaging, launch the perfect site—you’ll be waiting forever. Just start.”

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