This December, team ESSENCE is partnering with Target to bring the first-ever ESSENCE + New Voices Entrepreneurship Summit And Target Holiday Market to Atlanta. In anticipation of this premiere holiday event event, we’re spotlighting a few of the amazing Black-owned brands who will be setting up shop onsite to meet all of your last-minute gifting needs!

When Jacquelyn Rodgers set out in search of holiday wrapping paper featuring Black Santa, she came up short. After reaching out to friends and family in major cities across the country to see if their states carried the Black Santa-themed wrapping paper, she realized it either didn’t exist or was extremely hard to come by.

“I really wanted wrapping paper that featured brown Santas and I couldn’t find it anywhere,” Rodgers said. “I was in the stores and I just saw rows and rows of Santas but, none that looked like me. And I really wanted to wrap my son’s Christmas presents in brown Santas.”

Determined to give her kids the chance to see a Santa that looked like them reflected in his wrapping paper, the persistent mom decided to create her own line. “We came up with Greentop Gifts because I really wanted wrapping paper and items that really reflected our culture and look like me and look like my son and look like my family,” she said. “And I know that a lot of other parents and moms really want those items.”

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Scroll through to shop a few of our favorites from the Greentop Gifts collection and then be sure to join us to shop this brand and more amazing Black-owned brands at the ESSENCE and Target Holiday Market, December 13- 15 in ATL.