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How This Woman Went From Working Security To Earning Thousands Creating Body Positive Silhouette Candles 

Jodyann Morgan launched C'TOAN Co. to promote self-love at any size.

In 2020, Jodyann Morgan was advised by her therapist to pick up a hobby to help navigate quarantining during the COVID-19 outbreak. Like the rest of the world, Morgan took the opportunity to learn more about herself. One skill she didn’t realize she’d like or even had, was candle-making.

“I was just trying not to lose my mind while being trapped in the house, and soon found that I really enjoyed making candles of all things.”

The New York native said it couldn’t have been farther from her everyday interests. By day she worked security in sports and entertainment and by night, she’d explore candle creation. Soon, she started exploring body silhouettes, and found her social media followers loved them as well.

“I just started sharing what I created on my personal channels, and people kept asking if they were for sale,” Morgan explained. “The next natural step was to set up an online shop.” Thus C’Toan Co. was born.

Morgan started out selling the popular silhouette candles that featured lean figures, but after a brief exchange in the DMs with a social media follower, she rethought the brand’s premise.

“I got a message in my DM asking if I’d be open to expanding the line to fuller figures,” she said, adding the the follower wanted to see someone that looked like her. “I said, absolutely.”

About 91% of women are unhappy with their body type and size and turn to dieting to achieve their ideal shape. Sadly, just 5% of women naturally possess the body type often portrayed in the US media. 

This wasn’t lost on Morgan.

A short time later, Morgan introduced the body-positive molds to her shop, featuring darker skin tones and curvier body types. It was an instant hit.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she shared with Essence. “In three months, I’d made more selling the candles than I would’ve made all year working security.”

She said she left the job to focus on growing the brand, and recently launched a PRIDE collection for Pride Month that features the body-inclusive colors in the signature rainbow colors.

“June is over but we’re gay and inclusive all year-long,” she said. “I’m so proud that I can do my part to help people really see themselves.”