It seems like everything is getting more expensive, from groceries to gas to cosmetics. Money is getting stretched thinner, and splurges feel a little bit too indulgent.
It also seems like it’s getting harder to have our voices heard, to influence companies, to share what it is that you want in products and services. There’s no shortage of voices saying what to choose from, what is provided, and what that will do.
What if there was a simple way to earn a little bit extra and share your voice?
Well now there is! ESSENCE has partnered with Crowdtap, the leading online survey website and app with over 2 million community members earning rewards and sharing their opinions with companies. When you join Crowdtap, you answer simple surveys, often times as short as 1 question, accumulate points for every question you answer, and can cash out at any of our partner retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Sephora and Ulta starting when you reach $5.00 in points. 
Want to pick up that little something on Amazon? Crowdtap can help!
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Want to know that your voice is being heard? Crowdtap can help!

Your Voice Is Your Power: Here’s How You Can Use It To Inform The World’s Biggest Brands

Here are some of the things people already on Crowdtap have been saying about their experience:

Chantell B. says, “Before Crowdtap, I never bothered speaking out because I figured my opinion didn’t matter.” And now she has the chance to be open, honest and really heard by big brands

Jacqui P. agrees, “I feel like my age/sexual orientation/race is underrated. [And now] I feel counted.”

And finally, Elizabeth S. loves seeing a product that she answered questions about on the market, “it makes me feel proud, like my opinion was taken seriously. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you have been heard.”

Having your voice heard by some of the biggest companies in the world while earning some extra spending money along the way can sure make a difference in how we feel every day.

Join Crowdtap by simply signing up to become a member. It is absolutely free and Crowdtap never shares your personal information with anyone or any company, period.