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Don't Call It A Comeback: These Celebs Reclaimed Career Success In A Big Way

We're taking a look at some our favorite stars' return to the spotlight.

Have you ever wondered what your favorite celeb is doing after they take a break from the spotlight? We’re left to fend for ourselves, listen to their songs performed by them, turn on the movies they starred or rewatch their performances in hopes that we’ll see them again.

Many of them took a break, while others pivoted and we just didn’t know it. According to workplace experts, we should take a page out of their book.

Psychology and labor expert Allison Gabriel workers should redefine what their career looks like for them every dozen or so years in a field. “We’re seeing people decide 10 or more years into their careers that they want to try something completely new,” she told Bloomberg.

Experts also advise taking a quick break from work to gauge the next best step in your career and return stronger.

“Black women face an extraordinary amount of societal pressure at the onset by  just being themselves,” said Gala Jackson, Director of Coaching and Lead Executive Career Coach at Ellevest in an earlier interview with ESSENCE. “When we couple that with the world’s recent events and professional ambitions, it’s not hard to deduce that they need a break after a while.” 

These celebrities did just that, and came back bigger and better than ever. Here’s a look at their triumphant returns.