Black households give 25% more of their income than whites, and almost two-thirds of Black people give to organizations and causes, amounting to $11 billion/year, per a report by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation,

This data is very interesting since the racial wealth gap has left many Black American lagging behind other racial groups. The Urban Institute stated that the average white man earns $2.7 million through his life while a Black man can earns up to $1.8 million. For full-time employed Black women, CNBC reported that their average earnings amount to about $964,400 over their lifetime.

This data is staggering. It shows that despite the disparity, Black women continue to lead with their hearts, regardless of their walk of life.

Some of our favorite celebrities, for instance, are household names because of their work in entertainment but it’s their philanthropic work that makes them true stars in our eyes.