The last few years have forced corporations to reevaluate their workplace culture and values. Not only has the pandemic wreaked havoc on the labor force, but millions of Black Americans’ discontent with their treatment sharpened, prompting a significant shift in expectations. 

In answer to this, a dynamic equity and culture-shift firm, For The Culture (FTC), was launched. Celebrating their first year of business with a significant financial milestone, co-founders Nia-Martin Robinson, Jamor Gaffney, and Sabrina Lakhani said they’ve already grossed more than $2M in revenue while managing to maintain a healthy, inclusive workplace. 

“We are not a traditional diversity, equity and inclusion firm and we’re not selling quick cookie-cutter tactics for change,” the founders said. “Our work honors our lived experiences and is rooted in years of practice, proven culture-change strategies and intersectionality.” 

Previously in leadership at Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), the firm’s founders left during the pandemic to create the kind of workplace they always wanted to work in. One of the founders Nia Martin-Robinson, who led the global Stand With Black Women campaign during her time at PPFA, is the firm’s lead strategist and has been very vocal about companies dealing with issues of anti-black racism and sexism in the workplace. 

“As women of color living at the intersection of several identities, we were all deeply impacted by COVID-19 and the racial reckoning happening in this country,” the founders said. “But we’ve each worked at organizations where DEI tactics were just thrown at issues to create the illusion of change. We created FTC to help companies that are ready to reimagine their workplaces so they can be safe, equitable and conducive to everyone thriving.”