For the ESSENCE Best & Black Owned series, Work & Money Editor Marquita K. Harris and her team learn about the ups, downs, and in-betweens of running a business.

Located on a quiet corner uptown in New York City, The Edge Harlem is one of those restaurants created with the locals in mind.

It’s a low-key eatery with an assortment of comfort food options on the menu. Situated unassumingly in a residential nook on West 139th Street and Edgecombe Avenue, The Edge is several blocks away from the bustling, crowded streets of Harlem’s ever popular and iconic 125th street.

Since opening in 2014, sisters Justine and Juliet Masters have attracted a diverse set of Harlemites and the occasional adventurous tourist craving something beyond run-of-mill fare. Inside diners can choose from a number of mouthwatering menu options that blend the flavors of Jamaica, Britain, and a touch of “New York attitude,” to borrow a line from their Instagram.

Think: plantain-crusted mini crab cakes, savory pies, or ackee & saltfish washed down with rum punch or sorrel. The flavors on the menu are a reflection of the owners themselves, and their roots: longtime New Yorkers with parents of British and Jamaican lineage.

In addition to the restaurant industry’s unforgiving here today gone tomorrow landscape, being Black and being a woman adds another set of unique challenges when you’re an entrepreneur. In our exclusive video, the sisterpreneurs discuss what it takes to run a successful business as women of color.

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