Anthony Mackie Purchases 20 Acres Of Land In His Hometown In Hopes Of Building Movie Studio
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All roads lead back home. Anthony Mackie’s latest power move proves that. 

Mackie recently purchased 20 acres of land in New Orleans East to launch a movie studio.

The Marvel actor  seemed to have inked the deal on Friday, March 11 according to land records, reported. Although the details haven’t been confirmed, it appears the site will be the home of his production business, East Studios LLC.

“The actor, 43, who trained initially at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, said through his agent that it was premature to discuss specifics,” the outlet said. However, “several people involved in the months-long negotiation for the land said Mackie intends to site his new production company, East Studios LLC, at the Read Boulevard tract and is looking to buy more space nearby.”

The site is projected to be revolutionary for the state’s entertainment industry and will reportedly include the acquisition of intellectual property, development, production, and marketing.

Mackie has a proven track record of smart business decisions. 

In a sit-down with, the actor said he was encouraged by his family to secure a stable job. He instead followed for passion for acting and entrepreneurship at a fairly young age: 

“I opened NoBar BKNY last summer. It was a good feeling to see a problem—not just in my own life but in my community—and know that I was fixing it, that I’d gone in there and gotten my hands dirty. And I created the kind of place where I’d want to hang out: At my bar, you’ll never pay $15 for a cocktail or hear a bunch of rowdy people shouting over each other. I wanted to open a spot that was affordable and comfortable, where people could get to know their neighbors. My goal was to find a solution and execute it, and I’m proud that I’ve done that. Now when I see a need, I think, “Why wait for someone else to fill it?”