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The Cast Of 'Moesha' Reunited And Everyone (Including Us) Was Emotional 

Moesha fans got an amazing treat when the cast of the 90’s hit show came together for a reunion on The Real on Friday. All living castmembers of the UPN sitcom sat down on a set designed to look like the Mitchell family’s kitchen and reminisced about the beloved television show

“This is such a great moment, this is beautiful, this is God, this is love, this is everything,” said Brandy who played Moesha. “Thank you guys so much for this moment.”

“It’s wonderful, it’s natural, it’s love,” said Countess Vaughn, who played Kim Parker. “It’s feels like money,” co-star, Ray J added. 

The cast sharedtheir fondest memories, some behind-the-scenes fun facts and a potential reboot. Asked if they would participate in a reboot, the entire cast said “Yes!”

“We need to have a conclusion for the show because we ended, like, on a cliff,” Brandy said. “Miles was kidnapped, we don’t know who was pregnant…”

“Poor Miles, he’s in a trunk on the 405,” said Moesha co-star Sheryl Lee Ralph.