Today’s post is special. In order to get the most researched answers on “relationship pitfalls,” I went to the authorities in the category: the guys over at 100 Red Flags. is a website dedicated to helping women understand the little signals they sometimes unconsciously send to men that turn them off and show incompatibility.

What I like about these guys is that they’re not just men speaking from their immediate experiences — they’ve actually gone out and extensively surveyed “everyday” men over several years instead of just using a sampling of men like other studies often do.

I sat down with the founders Bill and Ryan and asked them about the top relationship pitfalls for women — and the responses were fascinating. Ladies, are you ready to hear them? Grab a cup of something good to drink and get your read on! (Taking notes is encouraged.)

Be sure to let me know which pitfalls you agree or disagree with in the comments section – this is advice, not the Word.

It might be a red flag to him when you…