It may surprise you to know that the busiest period in the matchmaking industry is the holiday season. That’s right, it’s not Valentine’s Day, and it’s not the summer either. Why is the holiday so busy for us love professionals? Well, if you ask me, it boils down to one word: Pressure.

At no other time of the year do our family members (and society) place as much pressure on us to be married or en route to the altar than during the holidays. When you arrive home and a certain finger is without a ring, even if you’re the most self-assured single woman, it’s easy to feel shamed and notice the disappointment doled out by family members.

The pressure is so intense it can make you do some wild things! I’ve heard some women admit to buying fake engagement rings just to prevent the family from delivering ridicule and judgment over their single status. However, it gets worse…

Some women collapse under the pressure and make a tragic mistake — they settle. That’s right, that guy who has always been second best is thrown into the top spot against her better judgment.

How can you tell whether you’re settling for the holidays? Here are ten signs you might be missing.