It seems that nowadays we hear more about celebrities getting divorced and calling off engagements than we do about them saying, “I do.” The truth is, marriage just isn’t for everyone.  Sometimes the time just isn’t right; other times, it could be the person you’ve chosen. For many, this is difficult to accept. However, when we don’t acknowledge the truth and blindly enter matrimony, the effects can come back to bite all of us (in some cases a broken marriage = broken children or a broken community). I’m convinced that a significant reason for the looming divorce rate (of approximately 48%) is due to one simple reason; many of us marry when we’re just not ready.

The best way to deal with a broken marriage is to preempt it because once a marriage is broken it is very difficult to restore. Since prevention is better than a cure, it’s important that we recognize how to identify whether or not we’re ready for marriage in the first place.

The following are 12 signs that a person is not ready for marriage. I ask that you read and share. Of course, if you feel I missed any vital signs, please include them in the comments below.

Photo: Amelia Johnson Photography