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Modern Day Matchmaker: 12 Reasons Why Women Find Idris Elba So Irresistible

From his confidence to his sexy calm, there are so many things to love about this man, and even more reasons why you do. The Modern Day Matchmaker breaks it down.
Okay, I have a confession: I’m fascinated by how fascinated Black women are with Idris Elba. You first met Elba in 2002 when he stepped onto the blocks of Baltimore in his breakout role as Stringer Bell on HBO’s critically acclaimed show The Wire, and since then, he has become widely known as “one of the sexiest men on the planet.”

I would even go as far to say Idris has dethroned Denzel, in your hearts, claiming his title as the new King of Irresistible.

But with millions of men on the planet, how is it that one man has so many women so captivated? Better yet, why is it? Is it because he has a smooth British accent, or as my cousin would say, that “smooth chocolate skin?” His stare, maybe?

I’m here to tell you, you love Elba for all those reasons, and some. I’ve spent time studying him in the hopes of helping women to better identify the exact characteristics that compel them to fall for a man. I also did it for the fellas, so we can fully understand the specific attributes that equal “sexy” to a woman. The bottom line is, there are several scientific reasons why women find men irresistible and Idris possess all of them. Here’s the breakdown.