ModCloth Debuts The Type Of Body Positive Campaign We Live For

There are very few fashion brands that are as dedicated to destorying society’s narrow-minded ideals of beauty than ModCloth. The women’s clothing e-commerce site is a true celebration of diversity. Not only has the company vowed not to retouch their photos, but it has also nixed its “Plus Size” category in favor of a fully inclusive retail expereince. 

And in that spirit of inclusivity, ModCloth has launched its 2016 swimsuit campaign which is modeled by company employees, ModeCloth shoppers, and several female entrepreneurs — including Amina Muccilo the founder of Sutdio Mucci and model Hope Steinman-Iacullo, to name a few. 



One word: Awesome. 

That was certainly the reaction the company was hoping for. A post on the ModeCloth website reads:

Everywhere you turn in the media, you’re confronted by a famous female grappling with size scrutiny. From Lena Dunham being lauded for daring to wear a romper while-not-a-size-2 to Amy Schumer’s post-Glamour-plus-size-issue declaration that “these labels are unnecessary and reserved for women,” every day we are bombarded by uninvited judgments of women’s bodies.

Despite this, our amazing community members have chosen to put on a swimsuit and step in front of the camera for us — a company that signed an anti-Photoshop pledge. We have got to say, confidence looks great on all of you.”

In additon, ModCloth is launching a video series called Hot Tub Roundtable featuring “women speaking candidly from the heart about the challenges facing women,” notes the press release. And the steamy setting is because ladies have some of their most juicy convos in a hot tub. Duh!



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