• With a meal like BBQ chicken, your kitchen is bound to get a little messy, which makes it hard to enjoy your meal knowing there’s a pile-up of dishes Cut down on last minute cleaning by soaking dishes and utensils after use.


  • Don’t leave caked-on spills for the end of your meal, clean it immediately with a product like the Mr. Clean Multi-Surface Spray with Febreze. This all-in-one, versatile cleaner can tackle any surface while revitalizing the room with a fresh scent! 


  •  For a mess that extends beyond the countertop, there’s no need for a mop and broom; just use two-in-one products such as the new Swiffer Sweeper, which uses Dry and Wet Cloths to completely clean spills leaving floors looking brand new! 


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  • One of the best things about this meal is that it is a meal for more than one day. For example, leftover salad and chicken become the filling to a chicken wrap or burrito for lunch or dinner the next day. Just add sour cream. (Salsa, taco sauce and any other ingredient are optional.)