Misty Copeland Accused Of Photoshopping Image, Ballerina Defends Her Actions

Misty Copeland‘s insight on body positivity is one of the many reasons we adore her. So, you can imagine our surprise upon seeing the iconic dancer called out for photoshopping. 

This week, fans are criticizing the American Ballet Theater principal bancer for what they think is a heavily altered image from a new photo book, Misty Copeland, that captures her stunning career and physique. 


A photo posted by Misty Copeland (@mistyonpointe) on

“What in the world…Is your mid section photo shopped???,” wrote one commenter under the shot, captured by the books photographer Gregg Delman.  

Another added, “This photo does not reflect recent images of Misty. Photoshopped too much. Are we still celebrating Misty as a fabulous ballerina or just another celeb on a publicity photo shoot?”

Never one to backdown from false accusations, the recently married beauty quickly addressed her critics by posting a side by side shot of the cover with an explanation for the slight alteration. 

“I’m so proud of this wonderful book that @greggdelmanphoto made,” Misty wrote. 

“The positive body image that is shown throughout is a healthy one and what I stand for. The image on the left was Photoshopped to smooth out my leotard. No altering was done to my body. I’m happy and proud of my body and would never participate in changing it.”

Misty has spent her career tirelessly fighting against unhealthy body ideals within her industry. We highly doubt Misty would be okay with a photographer manipulating the body she’s worked so hard for. Let’s move on to more pertinent matters, shall we?


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