UPDATE 11/16/09: Five-year-old Shayina Davis is dead. Her body was found in North Carolina today. 

Missing child Shayina Davis’ mother Antoinette Nicole Davis (pictured) has been charged with human trafficking and child prostitution. However, the 5-year-old girl has not been found. Bradley Lockhart, Shayina’s father, spoke to CBS about his daughter’s disappearance today in an interview with Early Show’s Maggie Rodriguez. Missing since last Tuesday, Shayina Davis was last seen on a hotel surveillance camera in the arms of a man, who has been charged with kidnapping, carrying her into a hotel room.

In the interview, Lockhart explained that he had raised Shayina for most of her life and had let her go to live with her mother in the last month. Lockhart said Antoinette Davis seemed sincere in her desire to be a mother to Shayina and called his daughter a “happy little angel.”