It’s the beauty junkie’s lament: with so many products and so little time, what do you use? Hissyfit solves all our problems with their new Face Clockpot, created by Oprah’s makeup artist, Reggie Wells. The all-in-one beauty palette creates the perfect face in six steps and under five minutes.

To use, start with the foundation in the middle and work your way clockwise to 12 o’clock for highlighting, 3 o’clock for contouring, 6 o’clock for all-over powder, and  9 o’clock for glow powder. The product is so genius that Wells gifted Ms.Winfrey with her very own 24K gold version at her last taping! If it’s good enough for Oprah… 

Hissyfit Face Clockpot by Reggie Wells, $65, $15,