If you’re looking for a product that gives great moisture, shine, and definition for an unbelievable price, look no further than the new Beautiful Textures Curl Control Defining Pudding.

Two of our in-house curly girls gave this product a test-drive and both ladies gave it an A+. The pudding was added to freshly-washed natural hair and applied along with a dab of the Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter. The hair was then set in medium twists and allowed to dry overnight.

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When the twists were removed the next morning, both ladies said the definition from the product was amazing. One of our testers, with type 3 hair, said her curls lasted over a week, which she maintained by re-twisting at night. “Rarely do I even get one-week hair with any product. I didn’t even have to add more pudding to my hair to re-twist for bed.”

Our second reviewer, with type 4 hair, said the product made her natural curl pattern pop. “I twisted my hair and once I took them down, my natural curl pattern emerged after an hour or so which I loved.”

Most importantly, both women agree that not only was their hair soft, but also had a vivid, natural-looking sheen.

Beautiful Textures Curl Control Defining Pudding, $7.99, available at Strength of Nature.


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