A Minneapolis community activist was gunned down Tuesday on his mother’s front porch. 

Police are now on the hunt for the man that fatally shot Tyrone Williams as he was leaving his mother’s house. According to local news outlets, a car was seen fleeing the scene. Williams was pronounced dead a shortly after arriving at the hospital.

The father of four was active in the local community, participating in calls for justice in the police killings of Jamar Clark and Philando Castile. He also fought against the deportations of immigrants from the Minneapolis area and the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock, said MPR News notes. 

“He helped a lot of people as much as he could,” said Rosemary Nevils-Williams, Tyrone’s mother. Tyrone’s sibling, Raeisha Williams, had recently run as a candidate for the Minneapolis City Council 5th Ward in November.

His mother says she wants justice for her son, but she does not want anyone else in the community to lose their life to achieve it. 

“We are not going to allow them to destroy themselves or each other. It’s going to stop,” she said.

The Minneapolis Police confirmed that the investigation was ongoing, but declined to comment on the theory that the slaying stemmed from a dispute with a former roommate, the Star Tribune reports.