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Mike Tyson Endorses Donald Trump for President: 'Let's Run America Like a Business'

The former heavyweight champ praised the Republican and said that it was time to bring change to the country.
Mike Tyson Endorses Donald Trump for President: ‘Let’s Run America Like a Business’
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Mike Tyson is jumping on the Donald Trump bandwagon to “make America great again.”

The former boxer opened up to HuffPost Live, where he said that he fully supports Trump’s 2016 race for the White House.

“He should be president of the United States,” Tyson said.

Yes, you read that correctly.

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Tyson continued, admitting that though Trump’s words could be construed as “crude,” he didn’t believe that was how the Republican truly felt. He said that the country “tried” Obama, and now it’s time to “try” something new.

“A guy that came from where he came from, doing what he’s doing in that field, and now this is where he’s at now,” Tyson said. “You know what that means? That doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy and the people don’t know what they’re doing; that means the people are tired of what you’re doing, what you’ve been doing the last 20 years…So we got to change. So no let’s try something new. Let’s run America like a business, where no colors matter. Whoever can do the job gets the job.”

Perhaps this means that there is a “Trump for Prez” tattoo in Tyson’s future.