Michelle Obama Talks First Family Secrets and Fitness
Larry Marano/WireImage

In a recent interview with Extra’s Mario Lopez, Michelle Obama dished on some little known facts about the First Family.

Michelle O reveals that the President has an artistic side: “Barack, as quiet as it’s kept, is a really good artist, he’s got a good hand. He wanted to be an architect originally so he has a little gift.”

And Michelle Obama’s quite talented, as well: she balances roles as the First Lady and a healthy living activist, wife and mother, while still finding time to squeeze in exercise. What’s her secret?  “I bring along a jump rope [wherever I go] because sometimes getting down to the gym in the hotel is a little tough. It creates too much of a commotion, so I’ll do 500 sets of jumping and in between, I’ll do some ab work,” she reveals. “It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.”

And when it comes to being a mom, her relationship with 14-year-old Malia is like any other mother-daughter relationship. “She’s a typical teenager, we talk about everything. And we’re happy if she doesn’t date until she’s 40 or so,” she says with a smile. “Another incentive for Barack to win re-election—Secret Service for Malia in the teen years.”

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