Michelle Obama Makes A Surprise Visit To See D.C. Students
Twitter (@MichelleObama)

Since the Obamas broke the country’s heart when they left the White House for good more than two months ago, supporters have been obsessed with any glimpse of the former First Couple they can get.

From vacation photos, to Broadway shows and cycling classes, it’s been a bittersweet moment seeing them out and about living their lives outside of the White House.

One of the most recent spottings was of Michelle Obama who made a visit last week to Ballou STAY High School, a public alternative high school located in Southeast, D.C.

According to The Washington Post, Obama’s presence left many of the students in awe, and even left some ‘erupting in tears.’ While at the high school, Obama spoke to a little over a dozen students for two hours. Prior to taking her seat in their circle, she gave each one a personal hug.

Reports say there was even one student who darted out of the classroom to regain her composure before she could sit next to her. Alliyah Williams, an 18-year-old student, described her as ‘so sweet and warm.’ 

“Once she came in, it was an inspirational feeling…she was like a mom,” Williams continued.

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Ballou STAY principal Cara Fuller said that Obama’s visit was a delightful surprise to many as she had learned about her visit only an hour in advance. She also stated that during Obama’s visit, she discussed her struggles of living in a shelter while inspiring the students on how to achieving their goals.

“These are students, students who no one says positive things to you generally, and it was really just to affirm their journey,” Fuller said.

Mrs. Obama shared the moment in a tweet saying, “Always love visiting DC schools. Thank you for hosting me today @BallouSTAY. Stories of students #reachinghigher continue to inspire me.”

“I think she really just wanted a school and a group of students who are typically counted out to know that they themselves are amazing and wonderful and have the talents that they need to be successful,” Fuller continued.

It’s great to see Mrs. Obama’s still committed to making the world a better place. With or without the First Lady title.