Michelle Obama Suggests a New Emoji to Empower Girls
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It’s no secret that Madame FLOTUS has got our backs. Last year she launched Let Girls Learn, a government initiative that focuses on the 62 million girls worldwide who lack access to education, and will be using this upcoming SXSW Music Conference as a platform for her cause.

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Tuesday our First Lady took to the podium for International Women’s Day, which marked the first anniversary of Let Girls Learn, to express what she had discovered as an ambassador for the initiative.

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“The more I traveled and met with girls and learned from experts about this issue, the more I realized that the barriers to girls’ education isn’t just resources. It’s not just about access to scholarships or transportation or school bathrooms, it’s also about attitudes and beliefs,” she stated. “The belief that girls simply aren’t worthy of an education. That women should have no role outside the home. That their bodies aren’t their own, their minds don’t really matter and their voices simply shouldn’t be heard.”

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Madame FLOTUS not only confronts this discovered belief in her speech Tuesday, but also added her voice to a Twitter dialogue about the lack of representation in emojis.

In an effort to build confidence in girls, feminine hygiene brand Always launched its Like A Girl campaign and recently released a video examining gender bias in emojis.

“There’s no girls in the professional emojis, unless you count being a bride a profession,” one girl notes.

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Adding to the suggestion box of emojis for girls Michelle Obama tweeted,

Hey @Always! We would love to see a girl studying emoji. Education empowers girls around the world. #LetGirlsLearn #LikeAGirl

— The First Lady (@FLOTUS) March 8, 2016


“Hey @Always! We would love to see a girl studying emoji. Education empowers girls around the world. #LetGirlsLearn #LikeAGirl”


To which the brand responded with emojis of a female student and graduate as well as an emoji of Madame FLOTUS herself behind a Let Girls Learn podium!

.@FLOTUS Great idea, girls can be anything! Let’s do this! #LetGirlsLearn #LikeAGirl pic.twitter.com/ZQQqlYbMx0

— Always (@Always) March 8, 2016



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