Michelle Obama On Sexual Misconduct Allegations: ‘There Is An Ugliness There’

Michelle Obama weighed in on the current conversation surrounding sexual harassment and misconduct, saying that the slew of allegations from victims has made her “sick”.

“I can’t tell you how sick it makes me, the more I see the uncovering of the truth that all us women know has been out there, that there is an ugliness there,“ she said during a Thursday night speech in Connecticut.

The former First Lady’s comments come as a growing number of powerful men in all parts of society are facing  allegations of sexual assault and misconduct.

“If we want young women to be strong and have voices and advocate for themselves, then we have to realize how much work we have to do,’’ she said.

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She also urged men to step forward to combat the issue:  “I’m talking to the men out there, who cannot be innocent bystanders and complacent … watching this happen.”