Michelle Obama: “I Never Thought I’d Become First Lady!”
Gary Miller/Getty Images

President Obama’s lengthy political career prior to his historic 2008 White House win is well documented, but while it may have seemed that all signs pointed to the presidency early on, Mrs. Obama says it wasn’t real for her until it actually happened.

Opening up to Seventeen Magazine, the First Lady was honest when speaking on how it felt to make history as the first African-American woman to hold the position, admitting that she wasn’t fully convinced that it was real until she actually set foot in the White House following the election.

“I never thought I’d be First Lady! When I was growing up, the notion that we would have an African-American president, the possibility that we would have a woman president, that wasn’t even on the horizon. I didn’t believe it until we walked into the White House!”

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Although the prospect of the first woman president is one to be proud of, there’s no denying that the Obamas have been an exemplary family for the duration of the President’s time in the Oval Office. As he enters the last few months of his term, it’s becoming more and more apparent just how much they will be missed. 

Translation: PLEASE DON’T GO!