Yes, She Did! Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ Is Now The Best Selling Book Of 2018
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images
Just 15 days after Michelle Obama, released her highly-anticipated memoir, Becoming, and launched an ambitious multi-city tour, it has already outsold every other book that was released this year. According to an announcement from Penguin Random House, Becoming has moved more than 2 million copies and is headed into an unprecedented sixth printing, which will increase the number of books in circulation to 3.4 million. Next month, Obama will head across the Atlantic for sold out stops in Europe. Next week she’ll chat with acclaimed author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in London, before heading to Paris to converse with CNN International journalist Isha Sesay. In Obama’s tome, Becoming, she discusses everything from growing up on the South Side of Chicago and her early years in the workforce, to her relationship with former President Barack Obama and her to struggling with fertility. In the book, Obama also keeps it all the way real about her time in the White House and how it felt to hand the keys of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue off to Donald Trump. After leaving the White House, the Obamas inked a blockbuster $65 million book deal, which lead to the creation of Becoming. And while many wondered how Penguin Random House would make back such a staggering advance,  Obama’s books sales, tour revenue, and merchandise–and President Obama’s forthcoming book–might just be able to pull it off.


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