Michelle Obama On Barack Obama’s Ability to ‘Rise Above the Fray’

The Obamas continue to represent nonstop stability and love within their marriage.


During a recent speech, our beautiful FLOTUS sang her husbands’s praises and gave insight into what it means to “rise above the fray.”


Over the weekend, while giving the commencement speech to the graduating class of 2016 at Jackson State University, a historically Black college, Michele took the opportunity to not only impart some words of wisdom, but to also shed light on what it means to keep one’s cool in the face of adversity as it pertains to her husband.


“I have seen how , no matter what kind ugliness is going on at the moment, Barack stays the course,” said Obama.


Speaking very highly of her husband, FLOTUS reflected on their journey together.


“As I’ve walked this journey with Barack, I’ve gotten a pretty good look at what it means to rise above the fray, what it means to set your eyes on the horizon, to devote your life to making things better for those who will come after you,” she added.


She praises the leader of the free world and father of their two daughters, Malai and Sasha and their ability to work as a team.


“That’s what has kept us sane over the years,” she adds. “We simply do not allow space in our hearts, minds, or souls for darkness,” she said.


Michele explains her admiration for how her husband has been able to handle the hardships of being Head of State and the country’s first black President with dignity and grace.


Being one of the most active and visible First Lady’s of the United States of America, Michele inspires us to put a modern twist on an old adage: “Beside every strong man, there is a strong woman.”


We will miss their positive images of a healthy, thriving African American family unit as they regally exit the White House this year.