Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele is gunning for President Obama, according to Steele spoke to a room of GOP supporters in Maryland on Tuesday, May 19, about the tactics they must use in order to gain a foothold in Washington again, starting with taking the President and his policies to task.

“We are going to take the President head-on. The honeymoon is over. The two-party system is making a comeback, and that comeback starts today,” said Steele at the event.

This comes after Steele was confronted by 1,200 angry delegates at the Georgia Republican convention last Saturday. Continuing to convey his message of change and the resurgence of the party, Steele attempted to impart that the GOP must stop using an outdated philosophy and strategy to win campaigns, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

All this on the heels of an upcoming special session of all 168 members of the RNC who want to discuss a resolution to mandate that all Democrats be referred to as “Democrat Socialists” and a measure to control Steele’s ability to direct the Party’s purse strings on any expenditures over $100,000 to $150,000, which, as one party member puts it, would completely tie his hands.—WLW

What do you think of Michael Steele gunning for President Obama in this way?